Brisbane and Moreton Bay

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Area and population

Total population (30 June 2022)1,834,878
    Population (18 and over)1,440,376
    Population (under 18)394,502


  1. Estimated resident population (ERP) is the official measure of the population of Queensland and Australia. The data are based on the concept of usual residence and refers to all people who usually live in Australia, with the exception of foreign diplomatic personnel and their families. It includes usual residents who are overseas for less than 12 months and excludes overseas visitors who are in Australia for less than 12 months.

Data Tables

Table BMB.1: Child protection summary statistics, Brisbane and Moreton Bay region      Excel (XLSX, 24 KB) Excel(CSV, 6 KB)Excel (XLSX, 24 KB) Excel(CSV, 6 KB)